Our Approach


Winning at the Money Game (WATMG) is a comprehensive accelerated learning program that addresses visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.  Students can read our textbooks, utilize audio and video support while playing fun games which help them better  understand and connect with our curriculum.


We Stand For Literacy, Community and the Educational Value of Sports



Our desire and intent is for all W.A.T.M.G participants to develop the love of reading. Literacy is the ability to read, write, compute, and use technology at a level that enables an individual to reach his or her full potential. The mind is a muscle and understanding written words is one way the mind grows in its ability. Literacy is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being.


We want all W.A.T.M.G. participant to leave our program as indispensable members of their community. Investors in the use of their MONEY and TIME which are vital to their community's growth and success.

Educational Value of Sports

A healthy mind can only be found in a healthy body. The aim of education is the all around development of the individual. Sports and games impart a sense of discipline, togetherness, competition, and hard work. The benefits of sports reach far beyond physical well-being and the educational importance of sports should not be underestimated.